IPhone 3GS

What with all the excitement centering around the release of the IPhone 3GS at Apple stores tomorrow, I figured I’d start out GenTech by mentioning the phone.

The 3.0 Firmware has already been released by Apple for current users to upgrade to, although apparently the firmware isn’t free for Ipod Touch users (unless you obtain a gray-area Jailbroken version). What I find most interesting about the new phone coming out, however, is that massive lines are expected to form at the stores in “expectation of the new product”. And yet, the 3GS is hardly more than the OLD product.

The 3GS will add some new features such as a copy/paste function as well as some improvements on the speed and AI of the overall system. But these changes are hardly significant compared to the last few times Apple has updated its hardware/software. Copy and Paste is cool. Smarter, faster phones are fun. Neither is worth waiting in line for hours just to be hammered with a $200 bill.


~ by sumdeos on June 18, 2009.

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