Appul0us – The Better Tool for Pirating

Edit:  This article is out of date and no longer works.  If you want to pirate, you will need to install Installuos, not this.  Please do not use this, I am simply leaving it here for it’s own sake.

I don’t condone pirating.  I strongly believe (being a developer myself) that if someone makes a product worth buying, you should pay for it.  You should not be able to take things without paying the person who made it for their hardwork.  However, piracy happens.  In fact, a friend recently started pirating.  And while I don’t think it’s good, I hate it when people do it wrong.

That’s right.  “You’re doin’ it wrong.”

Appul0us is an application that does what install0us did.  Except better.  Much better.  I’m not sure if it is made by the same people, but it has a cleaner interface, looks better, and functions better.  If you are going to install any pirating app, make it this one.  Here’s how to do it right.

/Instructions deleted/

    There is some additional configuration you may want to do once you have it installed.  Here are my suggestions.


      That’s it!  Good luck, and pay the developers, they deserve it.


      ~ by wayfarer247 on January 4, 2010.

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      1. This doesn’t work anymore, please remove it.

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