No Atom Support in 10.6.2 – No one gives a shit.

Oh boooo hoooo.  You can hear the cries of thousands of retards as they install 10.6.2 on their netbook and find out for themselves that there is not atom support.

Wait a second, are we all retarded?

First of all, if you are installing any update without checking to make sure it’s save, you shouldn’t even have a Hackintosh.  All updates should be approved by those “professionals” in the hackintosh area.  (EG, anyone who knows what they are doing.)  And if you feel it is your duty to be the one to find out that 10.6.2 doesn’t have atom support, then you shouldn’t be complaining anyways.  Any update can break your computer, everyone that doesn’t is you just dodging the bullet again.

It pisses me off how big a deal the entire blogosphere made about “no atom support” because first of all, it’s all bullshit.  The moment the kernel sources are released, some intelligent person will put a patched kernel together that has support so you can run 10.6.2 in all your goodness.  Does it really matter if you have a vanilla kernel or not?  No, it doesn’t.  You’re still on a hackintosh, you still need to be very careful.

So please, for all you bloggers out there.  No one gives a shit.  A patch will come out, and all will be well.  The hackers always win.

~ by wayfarer247 on November 10, 2009.

One Response to “No Atom Support in 10.6.2 – No one gives a shit.”

  1. Not to mention that Hackintoshes aren’t entitled to any support whatsoever. It’s an illegal and unsanctioned machine. If Apple wants to break it, that’s their prerogative.

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