College Job

Well, it happened.  I just got my first College job.  Being a Freshman, without prior real work experience, I was a little intimidated, and worried that I wouldn’t be able to get a good job.  I figured I could always end up in Food or something lame, but I wanted a good College job.

This is my Experience.

First thing, over the summer I browsed my college Student Employment site.  This showed me, in general, what was available, and what the options were.  In all honesty, it didn’t help that much, and I didn’t do any other “looking” until I got to campus.

RIT has a policy in which you need to get a Student Employment Card before you can apply for any jobs.  The Card basically verifies that you are a student at RIT, you belong in the US, and you are eligible for work.  For me, that entailed filling out a sheet and showing them my Passport and SS card.  Well that wasn’t hard.  However, if you don’t have all that then you need to give them your Driver’s License, your birth certificate, 2 forms of ID, your left Kidney, and your firstborn child.  It’s a pain in the butt.  My advice?  Just get a Passport.

So where does that leave me?  The possibility to get a job, but no actual job.  And I wasn’t looking too hard, but one day I came across a website that detailed a job here at RIT.  It was a tech job too, the only problem was the amount of work to apply.  I had to submit my schedule (not hard), my resume (didn’t have one at the time) and a cover letter.  All within 24 hours, because I found this one day before it was due.

What the hell, right?  I decided I would sit down and do it.   Called up my brother and grabbed his Resume, and then made mine to look like his.  Professional, clean, and effective.  Well, that’s what I was going for.  It was only 1 page, which apparently is what the employer is looking for.  I also had to write up a cover letter, which I did for the first time.  Again, Google was a great help.

And then, after re-reading it a hundred times for typo’s, I submitted it.  And then I waited.

And waited.

About a week, and then I got an email.  I was to go in for a “casual interview,” just a basic talk.  Apparently, this was to weed out those who had no idea what they were doing.  So I went in for mine, (casually dressed), and talked to the Student Manager.  He was nice, it was a pretty straight forward talk, basically about why I was applying, what I wanted to do, what I knew… actually, it was a lot more detailed and formal than I wanted.  But it was over pretty quickly, and he said he would get back to me for another interview if I passed… or something like that.  It was a basic screening.

I passed.  I got another email, for another interview.  This job process was intense.  Because the thing is, this is a college job.  I can’t believe how hard it was to get, perhaps I would have been better off in food or something…  For this next interview, I had to dress up nice.  So I put on pretty pants, a shirt and tie, and went to the interview.

This interview was intense.  It was done by 3 people (third person came late though) and they asked me questions about my experience, my leadership, and a whole slew of other things.  It took about half an hour.  But then, when I thought it was over, they brought me to the practical portion of the interview.  I was brought into a room and given 5 computers, all of which were “broken” (Purposely so).  I was to fix them.

I’m actually not going to detail what was wrong with them, in case someone is reading this and is applying for the same job later, but it was awesome.  At the end of it, I had fixed them all, or at least I knew how.  And then I left….

And waited…

It took an entire week for them to get back to me, and I had gotten the job!  Best email I ever received.  After that, the hard part was over, now it was just relax and have fun.  Well, not really, but I now have an income, which enabled me to buy a new toy… my pretty iPhone 3GS.

~ by wayfarer247 on October 20, 2009.

One Response to “College Job”

  1. Congrats on the job and the 3GS!

    What does the job entail? Are you doing IT support or programming? I know I could never stand doing IT support or fixing computers… on doctor’s orders: my blood pressure skyrockets with the frustration.

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