Google Wave: First Impressions

So you may all have heard about the newest technology Google has graced the world wide web with: Google Wave, as it’s called. Wave is the newest online collaboration tool in a battle field littered with failed attempts at the ultimate tool. And of course, being developed by the internet giant Google itself, Wave is certainly something that everyone should be not only aware of, but begging to try!

I, however, don’t need to beg. I was one of the lucky first 100k people to be granted into the grand halls of Google wave to give it a test drive. And let me tell you, I was blown away by the looks of it. I mean, seriously, it looked almost exactly like my gmail account! Now don’t get me wrong, Google gets brownie points for maintaining a simple looking interface for its users, because that’s always a good thing. It’s just that, you know, I was looking for something a little more like a punch to the face, something that made me go “holy mother of pearl, this… is… AWESOME!”. Unfortunately, Wave just didn’t deliver.

As far as use goes, I can see how Google Wave might be useful for collaborating on projects in real time. But as I was using it, I kept thinking to myself how Wave just seemed to be a glorified crossbreed somewhere between GMail and Google Docs. Useful? Maybe. Awe-inspiring. No, not yet.

Basically the way Google Wave works is that you can have separate “waves”, which are basically email conversations with other wave users. Unlike email, however, the conversations are in real time. If they make a typo and go back to delete, you can actually see the entire process taking place, which is kind of need. Another neat feature is the fact that you can embed pictures, videos, e-books and more in your waves that you send to people. You can get these pictures and such straight off of Google and send them without having to download them first, which is a neat idea.

All in all, I thought Google Wave was a little bit overrated, but that’s probably because no one else I know was able to get a Google Wave account yet (even Wayfarer hasn’t received my “nomination” yet). So basically, I have just been having waves with myself, which besides making me look like a crazy psychopath, also are rather boring. Once more people get onto Google and they allow the general public access to it, I am sure that Google Wave will become an actually useful piece of technology. Until then, I will continue to taunt it and call it a glorified email client. And tell it that it’s mother was a hamster.

To check out Google Wave for yourself (which I would suggest if you think you’ll ever use a collaboration tool. Like I said – once everyone can use it it will be a whole lot more useful), check here.


~ by sumdeos on October 5, 2009.

2 Responses to “Google Wave: First Impressions”

  1. HI. Were you able to collaborate with others?

    I downloaded it and was hard for me to really have strong opinions on it since I could not figure out how to connect with others and test the collaboration features.

    They look awesome on the video. My wave account is

  2. Hey Klaus,
    At the time of writing this article (which was somewhere around 1 am, so I apologize for the horrendous typos), I had not been able to collaborate with anyone. Since then, however, I have had several of my friends get Google Wave and we have used it to chat during class or when we are on different parts of campus.

    As far as connecting with others, all you have to do is create a new wave and when you click done, a pop up with all your contacts will appear. Select whoever should be allowed in the wave, and then you are good to go. Although it is in real time, if your contact is not online, they will be able to view the wave when they log in.

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