Antigravity Exists in the Cyber World!

So there I was, in my computer science class, learning about how to program in Python. And, of course, I was bored as hell. So as I aimlessly listened to my professor ramble on and on about how different things can be imported in Python, I was remembered of something from long ago…

I remembered this web comic from XKCD: So, being bored as I was, I decided to try and be funny and import antigravity in Python 3. And, lo and behold, it actually did something! If you have python, go ahead and try importing antigravity with it. It is well worth it.

For everyone who doesn’t have python, you should install it and play around with it. As far as programming goes it is a relatively easy language to learn. If you don’t want to, however, you’re out of luck. Because I’m not going to tell you exactly what importing antigravity does :P.

~ by sumdeos on October 3, 2009.

One Response to “Antigravity Exists in the Cyber World!”

  1. Too bad it’s not availible on the older Python on my itouch >.>

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