How to get apps from (2.x)

This is only for 2.x operating system.  Anything 3.0 or higher should use this guide instead.

First off, we don’t support pirating at all.  We think that all developers should be given credit and payment for their work – if you pirate you are not giving them that credit. suggests usings its database as a trial period, We suggest the same.  This is simply a guide on how to do it – for educational purposes if you want to set up your own database to test from.  We do not have any affiliations with any other body.

Alright, first off, you’re iPhone (Everything here works for the iPod touch as well, iPhone is simply more universal to say) needs to be running at least OS 2, and it needs to be jailbroken with Cydia installed.  If you haven’t gotten that far, get that far.  Then come back here and read the rest.

  1. Open Cydia
  2. Go to, Manage (Located on the bottom bar)
  3. Go to, Sources (Second option)
  4. “Click” Edit, in the top right
  5. “Click” Add in the top left
  6. Type in: Hit, “Add Source.”  Let Cydia update itself, then hit “Return to Cydia.”
  7. Hit Done in the top

At this point, your new Repo should be listed under “Entered by User” (Mine was right on top.)

8.  Click on (Touch on?) to enter the repo.  You should see this (or something similar):

9.  Now, install miPatch Firmware 2.2.1

10.  Now install Installous.

11. Restart your iPod (I’m not sure this step is required, but it doesn’t hurt to do it).

Now you can use Installous to browse through Appulous’ database of applications, download and install them.  With this option, Cydia’s new store, and the App store, there are many ways to install applications onto your Jailbroken iUnit.


~ by wayfarer247 on September 28, 2009.

2 Responses to “How to get apps from (2.x)”

  1. I keep getting an error after adding the source you provided??! It seems there is something wrong with the link and I don’t know why?is there an alternative it’s driving me crazy.I need to get installous on my iPhone

  2. I’m not gonna lie, should work. To make sure the site isn’t down, go the that page on Mobile Safari. You should see a page that says, “This IS the cydia repo you are looking for.” If not, then perhaps you typed it in wrong.

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