Firefox Hates Google Chrome

You know, we internet savvy people laugh at the Browser War.  What does it matter in the end?  Competition is good, and people will use their favorite browser.  Only occasionally, do we see the browser war going too far.

Today, I saw the browser war go too far.

Actually, it was probably complete coincidence, but such coincidence that it had to be known to the world.  I had decided that I wanted to test  out Xmarks for Google Chrome.  Why not?  It might make chrome more bearable, and I want to start playing around with extensions in chrome.  I still hate it not having adblock plus.  But anyways, I go to download Google Chrome and get this:

Firefox Crash

You can see in the bottom left hand corner, my Chrome Download was just about to be finished, in fact, it was still be scanned by Firefox’s virus scanner.  But it never finished.  Firefox saw that I had downloaded Google Chrome and tried to kill it!  If it had been a few seconds earlier, (or my internet connection a little worse) then the download would never have finished, or it would be corrupted.  As it was, it was close.  This is a prime example of Firefox’s attempts to take over the world.  And you know what?

Perhaps we should let it.


~ by wayfarer247 on September 26, 2009.

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