rEFIt Works on Snow Leopard

The short of it, rEFIt still works fine with Snow Leopard.  Here is the long of it though:

So, I finally got my hands on a copy of Snow Leopard last week, and decided to do the installation over the weekend.  I also had to repartition my computer, so I backed up all the information and went to town.

After Gparted refused to work, I remembered that it didn’t work on macs, and so I had to use the Snow Leopard Live DVD to repartition my hard drive.  Luckily, that wasn’t hard, because it is a lot better than Windows’s DVD installer.  I repartitioned my Hard Drive into 2 partitions, one 30 GB one for Google Chrome OS (Okay, or any other OS I feel like installing), and the other 470GB for Snow Leopard.  I then proceeded to install Snow.  That went fine.  After getting Snow up and running, I made a boot camp partition for Windows 7.  I then installed that; which also went fine.

Then, I ran into trouble.  I forgot, again, that I can only have one boot camp partition; not too.  And I really, really want Linux on my Mac.  Ugh… back to the ironing board.  Boot the Snow DVD, and repartition again, this time making 4 partitions, 1 for each OS and leaving the 4th empty for whatever I feel like later.  So then I install Snow, Windows 7, and Ubuntu 9.04.  Phew.

On to rEFIt.  I download the newest version (.13 at time of writing), and tried to install.  FAIL!  rEFIt won’t install when Snow is running on the 64 bit kernel (which I force, btw).   Reboot Snow and go into the 32 bit kernel and attempt to reinstall, which worked.  I then had to reboot twice for the rEFIt menu to show up, but now it has and it works just as it did under Leopard!

Note:  Sometimes it will randomly not show up and boot into Snow.  I’ve only had this happen once or twice, and it probably has to do with how I shut down the computer.


~ by wayfarer247 on September 23, 2009.

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