Google Chrome Frame: Internet Explorer’s ‘Ninja Mode’

As always, Google has developed some new software somewhere in their massive experimentation lab. This time the application (actually it’s a plug-in) is called Google Chrome Frame. Frame is basically a way to allow internet goers to be able to experience the web more efficiently, via faster javascript engines and by being able to view HTML5. Usually, when a product comes out of Google’s not-incredibly-secret laboratories, we have some new mode like Porn Mode for instance. This time is no different. Google has now given us what I call: Ninja Mode.

Frame is Google’s newest method of undermining Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and stealing all of their users via Ninja Mode. Basically, with the Internet Explorer add-on Google Chrome Frame installed, IE users can have Google’s Chrome browser running within IE (I believe it’s compatible with IE versions 6, 7, and 8). So basically, Internet Explorer becomes the useless skin for Google Chrome. Nice job Google!

And on the nice job comment, I would absolutely recommend using Frame if your one of those people who just has to use your “little blue ‘e’ internet”. Although, might I recommend also doing some research and using one of the other, much better web browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Lunascape, or anything except Internet Explorer? But, since I was going to blog about Frame, I decided to run IE 7. So, after the initial setup (because I have never used IE on my computer. Who would?), I went to download Google Chrome Frame. And then I ran into my first major setback.

When I clicked on the download link, I downloaded Google’s Frame. Or so I thought. It turns out, you need to be really careful when downloading it, because sometimes Google Chrome Frame tricks you into thinking you downloaded it and it didn’t really download. It’s like a ninja… >_>. After about 30 minutes of desperately trying to figure out why I wasn’t able to get Chrome’s add-on working properly in explorer, I decided to re-download. Luckily, this time it worked.

Once you have Frame downloaded and installed it is a piece of cake to use. simply add “cf:” (minus the quotation marks) to the beginning of any website URL you want to visit in Ninja Mode, and the site will automatically be brought up by your secret browser Ninja if the website supports Frame. For example, to navigate to gmail in Ninja Mode, just type cf: When you hit enter, you’ll be at gmail. It will look exactly like gmail always has, but deep down, you’ll know it’s not. Because somewhere in there, a Chrome Ninja is lurking in the shadows.

Chrome Frame really does improve Internet Explorers overall performance. I ran a few acid tests on IE, both with and without Google Chrome Frame Ninja Master enabled, and here are the results (and although not pictured, funnily enough, Google Chrome Frame scored higher than Google Chrome the browser every time):


IE with an overall score of FAIL

IE with Google Chrome Frame

IE with Google Chrome Frame

So as you can see, Internet Explorer places much, much, much, much, much higher when Google Chrome Frame is being used. Which means, if you really do use Internet Explorer, and you really won’t upgrade to a better browser, than Google Chrome Frame is pretty much a must-have.

There’s also an optional registry edit you can make to allow IE to always attempt to open websites in Ninja Mode. Here’s how to do that.

1) Go to start and type regedit in the search bar

2) In the registry editor, navigate to “HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > Google

3) Right click on the Google directory and choose “new > key”. Name the key ChromeFrame

4) Right click on ChromeFrame and choose “new > key”. Name the key OptInUrls

5) Right click on OptInUrls and choose “new > String Value”. Name the value *. Don’t worry about the type or data. We will not set any non-default values for these areas.

If you followed these 5 steps correctly, then you should be able to open IE and navigate to any web page in Ninja Mode without using the cf: prefix. If not, you failed. A quick note about this regedit process is that the * tells IE to try Ninja Mode on all websites. To specify only certain websites, instead of naming the String Value *, name it ** (for example, **). This will tell IE to only open google in Chrome Frame. You can make as many different key values as you want, for as many sites as you want if you prefer to not have the * to open every website that way.

So now that you know how to activate the super secret Ninja Mode in Internet Explorer, go download Google Chrome Frame and be awesome! Till next time, don’t use Google Chrome Frame while aboard a pirate ship. Pirates and ninja’s don’t get along very well, as I’m sure you know.


~ by sumdeos on September 23, 2009.

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  1. como coloco el modo ninja espero respuestas prontas

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