The irony of this post will soon become clear.  I sat down at my computer ready to type up a nice blog post.  I then remembered that I had written a list of ideas to blog about using Evernote.  Of course, I hadn’t downloaded it, so I set off to do that.  I then laughed that I have to download and open my note taking program, to write a blog post, which is essentially a note taking platform itself.

Why do I use Evernote?  Well, because I am just starting college, I decided that I should look into a better note taking program than Microsoft Word.  While there were a few others, I kept coming across Evernote.  Having heard a lot about it, I decided to use it.  Why am I still using it?  Well, I’m still using it because it works on all my OS’s (all 3, Windows, Linux and OS X) and on my iPod touch.  This allows me to pretty easily keep all my notes in the same place.

I also use it for a lot more than just school notes.  It actually probably isn’t the best application for taking notes in class, but it comes in handy for jotting down quick thoughts and ideas.  It is soon going to overtake my other note taking application on my iPod, Notebooks, which I use for almost everything.

I love Evernote for it’s ease of use, for it’s mobility, and for it’s cloud storage.  Perhaps I’ll consider upgrading it to pro!


~ by wayfarer247 on September 19, 2009.

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