Google Fast Flip: The New Way to get your Morning Fix

Google has released yet another toy to play around with in their lab today. Their new news viewer, called Google Fast Flip, is an entirely new way of viewing articles and publications. And by an entirely new way of viewing, I mean a very old way, for actual physical texts at least.

The idea of Fast Flip is to give internet readers a much easier way to read there articles. Think about how you currently have to read articles if you dare to brave them online. Maybe you use your RSS reader, which means opening the reader, choosing the publication you want to view new articles for, and scrolling individually through all the articles reading their names and captions to find an interesting one.

But now imagine picking up a magazine while waiting at your local car repair shop. You would more or less just breeze through the book, really only stopping when an article caught your eye. It’s a much faster, more natural way of reading. And that is what Google is trying to duplicate.

With Fast Flip, you can organize articles by several attributes: Source (NY Times, Washington Post, Slate), topic (Jay-Z, swine flu, newspaper), section (science/technology, business, world), or by popularity. Within each of those categories (and more categories I haven’t listed),  Fast Flip displays small pictures of each article, along with the article title. What this allows you to do is quickly browse through many different articles to find the one you want to read. Just like in a real newspaper or magazine.

Google’s Fast Flip has its pro’s and its con’s, like any other application. On the plus side, I found it very easy to use and it was a huge time conserver as far as reading articles goes. I liked it a lot more than I like Google Reader, or any other RSS feeder. Also, a huge benefit of Googles Reader is that you can view all these articles to find an interesting one without having to wait 10 seconds for all the media and content on the page to load, before realizing you don’t even want to read the article.

On the negative side, Fast Flip is only working with certain companies at the moment, and so there selection is fairly limited. Of course, some big names such as the NY Times and Washington Post are amongst the Fast Flip contributors, but other’s such as Mac World that make for good reading arent’t. I’m sure that once Fast Flip becomes better known, more and more groups will contribute articles. It is, after all, only the first day.

All in all, I would highly recommend Fast Flip to anyone who enjoys reading online articles, rather than paying for the daily paper. If you do happen to be one of those electronic article guru’s, then Google Fast Flip will pretty much make your day.

Access Fast Flip here.


~ by sumdeos on September 15, 2009.

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