Google Voice

So, when I checked my email today on my iPod touch, I got a very unexpected, but exciting, email.  Google had informed me that I was given an invite to Google Voice.  I had asked for one a while ago (many times really), so I was very happy to get mine.  So now what?

I click on the link they gave me and it sent me to the Google Voice login page, where I logged in with my Gmail credentials.  This time, instead of redirecting me to a “Sign up here” page, it showed me Google Voice!

First thing it asked me to do was get a number.  I choose to go by Area code instead of a word, because words are stupid and I don’t get them half the time anyways.  Quite happily, Google had a nice selection of numbers to pick from in the right area code.  There wasn’t a number in my own town, so I just grabbed a cool looking one.

The next step was to pick a PIN for your voicemail.  That was easy.

Then, Google Voice asked me to set up phones to forward calls too.  I don’t have a Cell Phone yet, so I just choose my home phone.  Of course, Google needs to verify that the phone actually exists, so they call you and ask you to type in a number they give you.  After that your account is all set up!


~ by wayfarer247 on July 11, 2009.

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