Google Announces Operating System

Well, it came at last.  And by that, I mean the announcement because the actual OS isn’t coming til sometime in 2010 at least.  Google has announced to the world they are making an Operating System.  Oh damn, so they were plotting behind Microsoft all this time.  Finally.

Google’s OS is all about the internet.  They are going to make it an extension of Chrome, their web browser.  Now, what does this mean for all of us?

Google Chrome OS is based off of Linux; it will use the Linux kernel.  This means that a lot, if not all, of your windows applications will not work.  They are gauging on the fact that you do not care, and that you just want the web browser to access the internet.  Now, the only reason I would do that was:

A:  If the web browser had addons, or at least Ad Block Plus.

B:  If the OS booted really fast.  I’m thinking I could be on the web in 5 seconds from turning my computer on.  Any slower, and I’m not sure I want to sacrifice OS functionality for a web browser.

Of course, I’ll test out the OS and tell you all how it is.  I should be in College by then, so my bud and I can have a lot of fun!

~ by wayfarer247 on July 8, 2009.

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