3.0 Issues

Now, I’m not sure I can say this with a straight face.  I can’t blame Apple for what I’ve been through.  It’s probably all my fault.  But it is really obnoxious, and it needs to be fixed.

I have come across some issues in 3.0.  this may be because I jailbroke my device and installed many interesting programs.  It could be those programs fault.  But, in all honesty, I don’t care, and I just want it all fixed.

The first issue.  My WiFi keeps disconnecting.  Like, everytime I lock my iPod it gets disconnected.  Which is a real issue when I lock it a lot because of the second issue.

The second issue is that my status bar keeps disappearing.  And that means I can’t tell if I have wifi or not.  When I lock and unlock my iPod, the status bar comes back.  But because of issue 1, I keep losing wifi.  Whenever I open and close a program, the status bar disappears with the program.  Which means opening and closing the settings app causing me to lose my status bar… which means I am in a very effective loop.  This is rather terrible if you ask me.  I hope the jailbroken community starts the move toward 3.0, considering a lot of people downloaded it.

If you have similar issues, post about them in the comments!

**EDIT** I was able to fix the status bar issue by reverting from the “solid status bar” in Winterboard.  Apparently, it does not work flawlessly yet.


~ by wayfarer247 on June 22, 2009.

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